Canada Revenue Agency

The Government of Canada, which administers tax laws for provinces and territories, as well as providing various programs delivered through the tax system.


Canadian Bar Association  

A professional governing body representing judges, lawyers, notaries, law teachers and law students across Canada.


Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

This is the Human Resources and Social Development Canada site providing information for permanent disability benefits available for Canadians.


City of Toronto

The official website for the City of Toronto.


City of Toronto Elder Abuse

A division of the City of Toronto, providing information and contact numbers for Elder Abuse.


Department of Justice Canada

Ensures Canadians have a fair justice system, which is accessible and efficient and providing, we serving Canadians, by acting as the Government’s law firm.


Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Arm’s length agency of the Ministry of Finance. FSCO integrates the operations of the former Ontario Insurance Commission, Pension Commission of Ontario, and Deposit Institutions Division of the Ministry of Finance.


Government of Ontario

Government website for Ontario.



Government of Ontario listings of provincial government services, offices, and contact information.


Inforsource Canada

Publication series containing information about the Government of Canada, its organization, and information holdings.


Insurance Bureau of Canada

A national trade association which represents the companies that insure homes, cars, and businesses of Canadians.


Insurance Canada

Provides consumers and industry professionals with information on insurance in Canada.


Law Society of Upper Canada

An organization that governs the legal profession in Ontario in the public interest.


Legal Line

Provides free legal information to Canadians through its website, telephone and fax-on-demand systems.


Ontario Bar Association

An organization of Lawyers formed to provide support by the profession to the profession so that it may render better service to its members and the public.


Ontario Courts

A guide to the courts of Ontario.


Ontario Disability Support Program

A provincial government program to assist the needs of people with disabilities and who are in financial need, or who want to and are able to work but are needing support.


Ontario Human Rights Commission

Government agency administering Ontario’s Human Rights Code.


Ontario Ministry of Attorney General

Ontario body responsible for a fair and accessible justice system, and reflects needs of the diverse communities it serves across government and the province.


Ontario Sexual Assault Assistance

The province of Ontario’s assistance for intervention, rehabilitation, and other options for assistance for victims of sexual crimes.


The Public Guardian and Trustee

A division of the Ontario government who safeguards the legal, personal and financial interests of certain private individuals and estates, also assists with victims and vulnerable persons.


Service Ontario

Government Services of Ontario’s information website.


Toronto Distress Line

Calling 408, it provides essential, life-sustaining emotional support to those in need in the GTA area, 24/7 – 365 days a year.


Toronto Police Eder Abuse Unit

A division of the Toronto Police working in conjunction with the community agencies serving the elderly and vulnerable. They work to encourage the reporting of abuse and to ensure that all complaints of abuse are fully investigated in a timely manner.


Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit

A division of the Toronto Police dedicated to the wellbeing, care and recovery of all victims of sexually motived crimes.


Victim Assistance

An organization providing counselors and advocates for victims of crime, domestic, sexual abuse and workplace violence.