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Slip and falls can happen at any time, anywhere, at any moment.They can be minor, however depending on the environment, these slip and falls can be devastating. Stairs, for example, often become worn with everyday use. Stair edges can easily become rounded, which can cause people to slip or fall by stepping on them. By law, a property owner is liable for a slip and fall injury occurring on stairs if the property owner was aware of the condition of the stairs where the accident took place. If the owner had actual notice or should have been aware of the conditions, they can be liable for ones injury as well. A slip and fall injury can cause a number of injuries depending on the fall. Some injuries can require ongoing medical and doctoral treatment for the injured, resulting in thousands of dollars in medical fees. Injuries such as bruises, broken bones, brain injury, or even death are all possible.

When a slip and fall injury takes place in a public building or public area, it is best to file an accident report as soon as possible. One should be filed explaining what happened, who witnessed the accident, and what caused the accident. Take note of any additionally relevant information including any other hazards in the vicinity. If it is possible, take pictures of what happened with either a cell phone, disposable camera, or digital camera. If there are any witnesses to the event, try to retrieve their names and phone numbers as further testament to how the accident took place. The next step is to contact a lawyer experienced with slip and fall injuries. You want a lawyer who will help you establish liability and help you be compensated for your pain and suffering. Any victim of a slip and fall is entitled to having their past and future medical bills paid, their past and future lost wages paid, and more.

These potential slip and fall accidents can leave lasting pain for life. A person may have to spend thousands of dollars on treatments and physical therapy in order to recover from their injuries. Even after all those expenses, a person may remain impaired for life.

There are many times where we slip and fall simply by not paying attention. Some conditions which seem minor can result in dangerous scenarios. If a person suffers a slip and fall injury in a public place, that can be a result of another persons negligence that individual deserves to take legal action in such situations. Call an experienced personal injury lawyer who can get the job done. Call Allan S. Blott, Q.C.

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