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Sexual Assault, abuse, and harassment can be shattering, distressing, and very upsetting. Allan S. Blott, Q.C. are here to help ease that emotional pain.

The consequences of such assaults are incomparable to any other type of assault; it is a severe, debilitating assault against human dignity.

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In most cases these crimes are committed by a person in a place of trust or rely upon in life. This person could be anyone – a partner, relative, or family member.  It could be a religious leader, coach, teacher, or an employer.

Crime of this nature is about controlling the victim with the use of aggression, power, and anger. The perpetrator of this nature thrives on secrecy; ultimately, secluding the victim and making the victim ashamed, and to think this offence is their fault.

A survivor of these heinous crimes, can spend years suffering from the feelings of guilt, depression, fearfulness, anxiety, and low self-esteem, before knowing the true reason why they feel this way.

The Allan S. Blott Q.C. team is here to help you. With our sensitivity, dedication, and passion, our Lawyers can help you confront your abusers and secure appropriate compensation and other remedies for trauma and injuries you have suffered.

We can’t make the past go away, but we can show you what tomorrow can bring, contact us today for your free consultation.