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Personal Injury is a legal term and means injury that is caused physically, psychologically, or emotionally; caused by an accident because of another individual’s lack of exercising responsible actions. Responsible care is evaluated on a case by case basis. Personal injury is referred to as tort law. Tort means a civilian did wrong, other than a criminal deed, it is seen as a basis to take legal actions against the civilian that committed the wrongful deed of harm. Tort injury compensation is about being able to receive compensation from the person in the wrong for the harm that was inflicted on the innocent person. Liability becomes an issue if the person hurt is thought to have contributed by his actions to the cause of the accident.

The claims we see the most in personal injury are car accidents, accidents within the home, accidents at work, slip and fall accidents, or holiday accidents.

There are also personal injuries from health care providers including medical and dental doctors and nurses. Lawyers will take the case of the injured person if they agree on a contingency fee, where the lawyer receives a certain amount based on how much the client gets back after the case is settled. If there is no win, no fee! When it is impossible for the injured person and the insurance company to agree to a settlement the case is then moved to civil court, usually a jury trial after the failure of various mediations.

If a person has been injured and is unable to work they qualify for income replacement or houskeeping benefits. As soon as a person is injured they should seek legal help in order to understand their rights. If they have a substantial case, and if they are in the right, the sooner someone seeks legal advice the better. Prolonging the case may result in a victim’s ultimate loss. Don’t be that victim, contact Allan S. Blott, Q.C. now and receive the justice that you deserve.

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