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Speeding, dangerous driving, failing to pay attention, alcohol and irresponsible driving in general in Ontario contribute to thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year, presenting even more numbers in injuries and fatalities.

The Legislation in Ontario for motor vehicle accidents allow people who are injured due to negligent driving of others to obtain compensation for certain calculable losses; such as, loss of earnings, cost of treatment, and out of pocket expenses. In addition, Personal Injury law also permits foreseeable losses; such as, loss of enjoyment, pain, suffering, loss of opportunity to earn, diminished capacity, and these are just to name a few.

Experienced and knowledgeable in both Provincial and Superior Court, and never hesitating in our advice; we always strive for your best outcome. We will provide you with a sound peace of mind and get you a fair compensation.

You may think, why should I hire a Lawyer? Well, it is statistically known that Claimants with a Lawyer receive at least three times more compensation, than a Claimant without a Lawyer. Also, it lessens the burden of stress of the Claimant. While the Claimant has to rehabilitate and become knowledge of the legal aspects of their situation, it is draining and not helpful to their overall wellness.

Further, lacking knowledge in legal training and not understanding the full picture, may lead to the Claimant inadvertently making an incorrect decision and; ultimately, weakening their claim and leading to little or no compensation.

Advice from experienced, reputable, accomplished, and committed motor vehicle Lawyers can make all the difference and avoid loss of compensation.

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