Bicycle & Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

Our team of personal injury lawyers are experts in bike accident claims and claims dealing with motorcycle accidents.  We help accident victims get compensation for any variety of issues, including:

  • failure to obey street signs
  • dooring
  • collision with cars
  • bad roads, including potholes
  • road rage
  • lack of visibility
  • motorists not providing enough room when passing
  • drivers not yielding the right of way
  • rider and driver error

Our team of personal injury lawyers are
here to seek justice for our clients in all areas

Bicycle Injury Lawyers

Bicycle claims can be quite complex.  Our team of bicycle accident lawyers will work with you to help put your case together.  We will work with you and any witnesses.  We collect any video records, police, ambulance and doctors notes.

We will work with you to get access to healthcare and specialists that will help you on the road to recovery.  We work with you to monitor your health, since many injuries are not immediately evident.

We will monitor your health throughout the process.

We are experts in filing comprehensive claims for bicycle accident victims.  We have years of experience defending the rights of accident victims and we are committed to getting you the best result. We are committed to getting you the compensation and care you need and deserve.


Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

A motorcycle or scooter accident can be devastating, leaving the injured party with significant financial issues and persistent medical issues. In your accident you may be eligible for claims beyond that which your insurance company may be offering you. Accident benefits you may be entitled to can cover areas such as:

  • lost wages and potential future earnings
  • rehabilitation costs
  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering

You should seek the advice of an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer to assess your claim. You could be eligible for more than you are expecting.

As a victim of a motorcycle accident, you may can claim accident benefits through you insurance company and you may also seek compensation from the at-fault driver through tort action.

Determining the benefits and preparing a case can be highly complex. Our experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers can ensure that your rights are protected. We are committed to getting you the compensation and care you need and deserve.

We have years of experience defending the rights of accident victims and we are committed to getting you the best result.


We are internationally recognized by our peers as a top tier firm. We are experienced courtroom lawyers. We can work with you to determine the best course of action for your case – whether settlement or court – is the best course of action for you.

We are on your side to achieve the best compensation for you. We don’t get paid until you do!

We fight to ensure you and your families receive the compensation, support, and care that you deserve.

We are dedicated to acting as your advocate and trusted adviser through the complex process, including legal, medical, and insurance issues related to your injury.

We are one of the highest rated firms in North America.