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Employment law consists of a broad category of Tort claims that derive from distinct, yet interconnected areas of law such as: contract law, employment and labor legislation and the Ontario/Canada Human Rights law.

Each distinct discipline plays an important role in interpreting the evidence as we determine the merits each claim.

Every claim is different, so the material facts and the evidence specific to that claim are essential in determining the results and potential for compensation.

Claims may arise because of an employer’s failure provide reasonable notice upon termination of employment or pay in lieu of notice. A claim may also arise where an employer has changed the fundamental terms of the employment or makes the employment unbearable. In some cases an employer may harass or discriminate against an employee, which may give rise to a claim. In others, the employer may allege cause for dismissal where none exists or the employee’s actions are disproportionate with summary dismissal.

On occasion, employers fail to accommodate a disabled employee or fail to accommodate their needs such as religious freedom, which may give rise to a claim. With respect to this aspect of any claim, joint proceedings may be an option, in both employment and human rights law.


Sometimes, consideration must be made of the employment contract and any essential guidelines and policies in place, having an important affect upon the rights of employees and the obligations of their employers. These are analogous to contractual considerations in employment relationships.

Our objective is to, advocate to the best of our abilities, in attempting to correct the imbalance of power available to employers, which can be exerted upon employees within many aspects of their employment. This notion carries forward into employment standards safety regulations codified by occupational health and safety law and any potential breaches.